$18.99 / OJF Vacuum Sealer Machine Food Saver

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  • 🍩 [VACUUM PRESERVATION] As lab tested, the OJF vacuum sealer can keep food fresh up to 5X Longer times than the conventional storage. You can save food and money. And you can organize the space of food easily in the refrigerator. Cooking will become more easier and convenient. Enjoy your time in the kitchen!
  • 🍩 [EXTERNAL VACUUM] With -60kpa strong suction force, the vacuum sealer bags can be vac sealed within 10-20s. 11.8'-long sealing design, compatible with OJF vacuum Sealer bags or other brands seal meal bags. External vacuum function can vacuum in different forms, such as containers and wine stopper.
  • 🍩 [4 COMBINATIONS, 'Normal/Gentle' & 'Dry/Moist'] Simple interface with 5 buttons on the top of upper lid. You can choose "modes" and "food" by the feature of the food you want to seal. Choose "gentle" for delicate food and "moist" for juicy food. And there are "seal" and "vac seal" for you to choose.

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