Prime Video: Modern Love [Series with Two seasons]


Modern Love of Prime Video.

Let me practice a bit my English Skills.

Modern Love it's a anthology serie of original of Amazon, which was released on the years 2019 and 2021. That Serie count with Two seasons with 8 Cap each which i enjoyed and learned good thing a took some of its greats messages.

The first season was my favorite one, their Story were amazing, so romantic and adictive for me. In that season you can see different kind of story love, different kind of problems, not only love problem, even medical and attitude problems, when each couple learn how deal with those problem and try to find solutions for take out the problems and try to keep safe the love, but even not only couples love, also you can watch story about friends love and more.

Modern Love relate Story for each aspect of the normal life and show you or give you an idea of how deals with those daily problems.

The first cap of the first season is When the Doorman Is Your Main Man, that tell the story about a young Girl that is living alone in an apartment and she usually go out and know new people, and walk back to home with then, but she worry that the Doorman see her with them because he care of her a lot and he doesn't like those men, isn't so he doesn't like, it's just that he doesn't think that they are appropriate for her, and when he tells her that they don't go to call her back or keep in touch with her, she doesn't believe him but finally that usually happen and they don't call her any more. At the beginning, I thought that the Doorman was terrifying to them.

The Doorman always try that she makes best her choices and doesn't make any mistake with one of them until she is pregnant for one of them and she feel bad and stressed because she doesn't know what she's going to do, when she tell him what was happening he understood her situation and never left her alone. Even when she born her baby, he take care of her daughter while she was at an interview and care the girl as she were his daughter or granddaughter.

Finally, she moved of the city for a Job, and some years later she was hanging out with someone, but for those thing that she'd happened for don't pay attention to the doorman, she wanted that the doorman give her the approbation of that man she was knowing.

That story can show us how important are some people in our life and sometime we don't realized that, that people just want the best for us and we usually understand that when we make the mistakes or we get into a big problems.

As a that story, there are others story in different environments stages when you can learn many thing for you daily life.

I hope that you enjoy and learn with those story and you can resolve any situation on your life, because sometimes we don't see all the sides or just don't think in all solutions that we can try for safe something and we just give it up, not everybody has the same thoughts in the different scenes that the life has for us, but sometime, when we know different kind of problems or just how someone else resolve their situations, that can be something helpful for us and can help us to find the solution of somethings that can happening in our life or just would happen in the future.

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