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What's Amazon Baby Registry?

Let me explain what is this... Amazon Registry it's a programe where you can create a list with all those things that you need for when your baby born. In latino America has another name, is Baby Shower . In the Baby Shower people brings gifts. Those gifts could be a through a gift list that the own put in a specific place or just whatever thing that you can buy. 

In Amazon Baby Registry, the own create a wish list with all those things that they need for their baby, like a Diapers, Baby Wipes, Bottlers, Car Seat, Foods or whatever thing that you need and while your friends buy things, Amazon send those thing to your house or the Address that you set up.

Amazon Registry is a Good why or easy way to make and share your Wish list for you baby or for trying to get some help for your friends or family, or just share in your social media and someone help you.

What do you need?

First, you need to be a Prime User, you can get it in the link i left below. When you are a Prime User you can get some benefits as  Fast Ship in yours Olders, don't pay ship, enjoy of Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos Unlimite, Prime Gaming and another things that you could enjoy.

Check the complete the list HERE

Get your Prime benefits 

How you can get your Amazon Welcome Box?

For getting your Amazon Welcome Box, you need to complete 3 Steps which are so easy. 

  1. The first is get Amazon Prime as i mentioned above.
  2. Complete 60% of your Checklist.
  3. Purchase at least $10 from your registry.

Note: The value of the Welcome Box is around $35 

For Prime users only. 
Baby Registry link:

If you aren't: 


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