‘You think it’s coming from a DC? Nope’: Former Walmart worker reveals where your online orders come from


Ever thought about where your Walmart.com orders actually come from? You might be shocked to know they're not just shipped from some far-off warehouse. Depending on where you live, they could be sent right from your neighborhood Walmart store.

A recent TikTok video by user @digitaljared has gone viral, revealing that Walmart.com orders are fulfilled using the company's "ship from store" (SFS) program. The video shows the inside of a Walmart supercenter, where pickers select items from the shelves and prepare them for shipping directly to customers.

@digitaljared, a self-described former Walmart employee, posted the video two days ago and it has since amassed more than 52,000 views. 

In it, he films himself walking around a Walmart supercenter showing the “ship from store” area. He says: “You think it’s coming from a DC [distribution center]? nope. Them pickers be picking right from that shelf, putting it in the little pick cart going back there wrapping it up, putting it on a FedEx truck. 6 o clock that FedEx truck is out the door and guess what? They get another backed up, empty, ready to go. They fill that truck every single day. It’s insane. Now you know.”

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