New 'Beetlejuice Beetlejuice' Footage Introduces Jenna Ortega's New Character


Calling all afterlife enthusiasts and fans of the bizarre! New footage for the highly anticipated "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice" has dropped, and it introduces us to Jenna Ortega's enigmatic new character, Astrid Deetz.

While details are scarce, here's what we can glean from the teaser:

  • Introducing Astrid Deetz: The footage showcases Ortega's character, Astrid Deetz. Since the Deetzes were the last name of the Mitchell family in the original film, it's likely Astrid is somehow connected to them, possibly a descendant.
  • A New Generation?: Could Astrid be Lydia Deetz's daughter or perhaps a relative entirely new to the story? The mystery surrounding her character adds intrigue.

Remember Lydia Deetz? For those who need a refresher, Lydia Deetz was the goth teenager from the original Beetlejuice film. She had a fascination with the macabre and accidentally summoned the mischievous bio-exorcist Beetlejuice.

This new snippet doesn't reveal much about the plot, but it definitely sparks curiosity. Will Astrid follow in Lydia's footsteps and have a brush with the afterlife? And how will she interact with the outlandish Beetlejuice?

Stay Tuned for More! This brief teaser is sure to leave fans wanting more. Hopefully, a full trailer will be released soon, shedding more light on the plot and Jenna Ortega's role in this highly anticipated sequel.

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